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The Recipients | Childhood Obesity

The following organizations have received childhood obesity grants:

Children's Hospital Boston
In 2011, $7 million dollars was awarded to establish The New Balance Foundation Center for Childhood Obesity Prevention, Clinical Research and Care at Children's Hospital Boston. The newly established Center addresses the obesity epidemic on multiple fronts, answering key research questions, collecting outcome data and devising weight-control strategies that serve low-income children and families. Children’s Hospital has long offered a broad spectrum of programs for overweight children, from toddlers to teens. The comprehensive services of the New Balance Foundation Center for Childhood Obesity Prevention aims to help kids reach and maintain healthy weight and halt the onset of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health threats. Its primary goal is to prevent childhood obesity by encouraging healthy food, lifestyle and exercise habits, and by supporting research-tested, successful weight-loss approaches. The Center is directed by David Ludwig, MD, PhD, a pioneering scientist and obesity warrior in the public health campaign to tackle children’s overweight issues. The Center convenes regular meetings to ensure that important research findings and successful practices reach a national and international audience.

For more information about this gift, please read the press release (.pdf).

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Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
The New Balance Foundation made a ten year commitment to Tufts in a far-reaching initiative called "Children in Balance" to combat childhood obesity and improve the long-term health of future generations. This grant funds leadership positions in the areas of research, scholarship, advocacy, training, program-testing and evaluation, and information dissemination. More specifically, the childhood obesity initiative deepens understanding of effective ways to positively influence dietary and physical activity patterns among children and their caregivers. The mission of Children in Balance is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity utilizing advanced scientific research that will empower individuals and communities to catalyze social change.

The gift also created the New Balance Chair in Childhood Nutrition, as well as three endowed graduate fellowships. With this ten year commitment, Tufts University was able to significantly enhance programs and competencies in childhood nutrition, allowing for growth in research, scholarship, advocacy, training, program testing and evaluation, as well as dissemination efforts. Their aim over the next ten years is to establish a balance between scientific rigor and health action towards the end of improving children's health, both now and in the future.

Most recently, The New Balance Foundation gave a $200,000 gift to support Tuft’s ChildObesity180. The funds supported the expansion of the Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP) by giving 1,000 schools $1,000 mini grants to implement the 100 Mile Club running program. “We are thrilled to support ChildObesity180’s Active Schools Acceleration Project. New Balance Foundation mini-grants to 100 Mile Club schools will introduce thousands of children to the great sport of running. This grant builds on our decade-long partnership with Tufts University and our shared commitment to child obesity prevention,” said Anne Davis, Managing Director New Balance Foundation. Learn more about this partnership here.

For more information on Tufts nutrition program, click here.

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In 2010, the New Balance Foundation announced a national relationship with ChopChop Magazine, a fun cooking magazine for children. The NB Foundation is proud to support ChopChop in its mission to educate kids to cook, be nutritionally literate and actively participate as health partners with their families. ChopChop’s vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity and hunger. ChopChop is distributed to pediatricians, hospitals, school systems, governments, youth organization, and businesses that encourage healthy eating and wellness habits.

To date, the New Balance Foundation has granted more than $1.8 million to the ChopChop organization to support their mission and has even inspired the addition of fitness-themed content into the magazine. The New Balance Foundation grant enables more kids nationwide to receive the non-profit magazine which offers easy nutritious recipes and fun food trivia while empowering kids to take charge of their health through cooking.

ChopChop was awarded the prestigious 2013 James Beard Foundation Award for Publication of the Year.

For more information, please read the press release.

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Since 2011, The New Balance Foundation has been a national funder of Playworks, a nonprofit organization that provides safe, healthy, and inclusive play to low-income schools to more than 425,000 students in 23 cities across the country. The New Balance Foundation’s more than $3 million investment over the past several years helps drive advocacy, outreach, engagement and other initiatives that work directly to build the movement for play. The funding also supports professional development initiatives for the hundreds of Playworks coaches who serve low-income schools nationwide.

Max Fripp, Executive Director of Playworks Boston says that the “Playworks vision is that one day, Every Kid in America will get to Play EVERY Day. We know that the power of play brings out the best in every kid and we know that most kids find their movement spark through playing. Thanks to the New Balance Foundation, Playworks has built a national movement that is transforming the school day through play and recess. This year, Playworks will bring out the movement spark in students from 947 schools across the country.”

“Our partnership with Playworks offers us an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards expanding the power of play to schools and children nationwide,” says Molly Santry, New Balance Foundation. “Playworks has a proven program for getting children active through play that also promotes leadership and other qualities that are important for positive youth development. This expanded partnership underscores the New Balance Foundation’s long-standing commitment to building a healthier future.”

For more information about our national partnership, please read the press release.

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Move More Kids
Managed out of the Redington-Fairview Hospital in Skowhegan, ME, the Move More Kids program was established as a community initiative to reduce childhood obesity by promoting healthy lifestyles. Move More Kids hopes to reduce childhood obesity by addressing four primary risk factors: fruit and vegetable consumption, recreational screen time, physical activity and sugar-sweetened beverages. The program addresses these risk factors by working with childcare, schools, and afterschool programs to incorporate evidence-based healthy policies, supportive environments, education, and social marketing messages. “By transforming environments and increasing the knowledge and ability of childcare, school, and after-school staffs to create movement opportunities, Move More Kids is helping to make healthy activity the easy choice while creating a community of movement champions”, Matt L’Italien, assistant director.

Since 2007, The New Balance Foundation has provided nearly $2 million to help Move More Kids increase access to physical activity equipment, train teachers and childcare providers to lead physical activity, and by create a culture of movement among the families served.

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Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Founded in 2002, the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center’s (GLFHC) Pediatric Obesity Empowerment Model (POEM) mission is to encourage children to try new things and build meaningful relationships with peers. According to Dr. Jeffrey Geller, New Balance Foundation funding allows the children to design their own group activities, which allows staff to “spark the children’s interest in movement and life itself.”

When POEM began, they served approximately 100 children through three sessions. Since the New Balance Foundation’s partnership began in 2006, the number of children served increased to more than 350 local children during 13 group sessions each week. Since beginning partnership in 2006, the New Balance Foundation has support the Greater Lawrence Family Healthy Center with over $1 million to provide children with a safe place to go after school to make friends, get fit and develop new hobbies.

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