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The Guidelines | Reporting Requirements

To ensure proper execution of funded programs, the New Balance Foundation requires timely reporting. We request a narrative and financial report 60 days from the completion of the grant period, which is typically twelve months from the receipt of the grant check. The report is required before additional requests for funding can be considered. In addition, we recommend a brief interim progress report to keep us apprised of any developments and/or changes within your program.

Multi-year grant recipients should provide an annual report. With some funding programs we may require a mid-year report in addition to the annual report. Annual payments are contingent upon receipt of yearly progress reports.

The narrative should address the following:

  1. Results
    1. List the original goals and objectives of the grant, and explain how they were met during the reporting period.
    2. If possible, detail results in outcome-based terms. For example, describe the impact this grant has had on your community and on the population you serve.
    3. In what ways did the actual project vary from your initial plans? Describe how and why. Describe any unanticipated benefits or challenges you encountered.
    4. Describe how collaborative/cooperative efforts with individuals and organizations involved in planning, implementing, funding and/or evaluating this project/grant affected outcomes.
  2. Lessons Learned
    1. What are the most important outcomes and lessons learned from this project?
    2. Would you do anything differently? If yes, please explain.
  3. Future Plans
    1. What is your vision for this project over the next couple of years? Include plans and rationale for ongoing funding, expansion, replication or termination.
  4. Other/Optional
    1. Provide a “human interest story” that helps explain the success of the project.
    2. Attach any printed material relating to the funded project: press, letters of support, photographs, etc.

Clearly designate the New Balance Foundation amount and detail how these funds were spent. Provide revenues and expenses for the full project.

Report Submittal
Please mail one copy of the report to:

New Balance Athletics, Inc.
New Balance Foundation
100 Guest Street
Boston , MA 02135

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